Australian Defence Information & Electronic Systems Association Inc.

ADIESA is a Defence industry association with a mission to enhance Australia’s Defence Capabilities predominantly in
the information and electronic systems domain.  ADIESA aims to assist with force modernisation and encourage business process improvement, by facilitating increased collaboration between Industry, Defence and other relevant elements of Government.

The ADIESA Board is delighted to advise RADM Stuart Mayer – Head Force Design, will be our guest speaker
at the upcoming IW EWG Dinner on Wednesday, 10th April.

Very important dates for your diary:

Wednesday 10th April – ADIESA sponsored Dinner – Click to go to the Upcoming Events page for details

Thursday 11th April – IW EWG (Defence name C4ISREW EWG)
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ADIESA Members

“All three presentations provided useful input, background and food for thought…it was an excellent night.”

ADIESA Member – 2015

“Night was a success – due to candid and engaging style of the speakers.”

ADIESA Member – 2015

“I thought the dinner was a very good event… It was good to see quite a few other Defence Representatives”

ADIESA Member – 2015

“Overall, it was a very good dinner. Getting Defence Minister to address ADIESA was a great leap forward”

ADIESA Member – 2015

“Very interesting, particularly the strategic view.”

ADIESA Member – 2015