Peter Maskell

Mr Peter Maskell

Biography – 

Mr Peter Maskell is a Partner/Director at Price Waterhouse Coopers

Peter is a Partner with PwC Strategy& based in the Canberra office, and leads the Canberra Strategy Practice. He has extensive experience in leading business and capability transformations, with a particular focus on digital and technology-led reform. Peter has led strategy, requirements, architecture, and information management activities in Defence, Tax, other Government Departments and commercial organisations.

Prior to embarking on his consulting career, Peter served as an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. He gained operational experience during the East Timor operation with both the International Force (INTERFET) and the United Nations Transitional Authority (UNTAET). He also served as the Liaison Officer for the Australian Theatre Joint Intelligence Centre (ASTJIC) to the Joint Intelligence Centre – Central Command (JICCENT) in 1998.

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