Biography –

Mike Johnson is a security cleared and seasoned aviation, communications and ISREW technical executive, having worked in technical and senior management roles across CMS, Telstra and Australian Aerospace Corporation over a near thirty (30) year period. During this time, Mike developed, managed or provided guidance to several key programs including:

  • Secure C2 for optionally piloted vehicles,
  • Aerial platform geo tracking systems,
  • Dismounted soldier comms assurance systems,
  • Dismounted soldier aerial reconnaissance and assessment platforms with EA, EW, EO, IR, communications relay and destructive payload.
  • C4 secure comms for integrated UAS control systems and ISREW payloads
  • Network establishment for distributed SAR telemetry with intelligent and independent decision making authority and channel management.

Such projects have required Mike to be based at several international locations including Langley, Germany and New Zealand, which have provided a wealth of exposure to various cultures and unique insights into other country systems, processes and methodologies

In addition, Mike currently sits on the board of Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) ACT, which assists and advocates for SME’s in the ACT region who wish to be engaged with Defence and/or the local Defence industry.

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