Who should join ADIESA

ADIESA membership is available to organisations involved in developing and providing information, and electronic systems to the Australian Defence, Intelligence, and broader national Security communities, and support the aims and objectives of ADIESA.

Companies, organisations and entities that stand to benefit from ADIESA membership might conduct some; or all of the following activities:

  • basic and applied research in electronics
  • hardware and software design
  • Systems Engineering
  • development, manufacture, and provision of electronics and ICT products and services
  • provision of ‘know-how’ and professional advice, and integration and delivery of information management solutions and services.

Why should you join ADIESA – what are the benefits of Membership

The following are all very good reasons why your organisation should join ADIESA:

  • Focus Group involvement: Enterprise Architecture, ISR, Joint C2.  Others may include SATCOM and TIE.  Membership gives access to material generated.  Participation allows member companies to showcase their expertise and thought leadership to Defence in these areas, and provides the opportunity to shape Defence direction, and gives deep insight into the challenges and opportunities that Defence are grappling with.
  • C4ISREW EWG: Usually annually.  ADIESA are co-sponsors with Defence. Membership gives access to material generated
  • Dinners with Senior Defence and politicians: In the past this has include Service Chiefs and Group Heads, Whitepaper author, Ministers for Defence.  Up to three member company employees attend at no cost.
  • Networking Cocktail evening: Usually held around the time of a conference or widely attended Defence activity.  Includes senior Defence personnel. Up to three member company employees attend at no cost.
  • Access to Defence decision makers through the above activities as well as provision of non-attributable advice or feedback.
  • Branding and visibility as an engaged and active member of the Defence Information and Electronic Industry.
  • Involvement in other activities that have been held, such as:
    • Technology breakfasts showcasing particular technologies to Defence;
    • Invitation to provide input to Defence direction through, for example, Defence Whitepaper, Defence Industry Policy, Umbrella Capability Statements, Defence process, individual Project requirements and process, etc.;
    • Specific workshops to solve a Defence problem: providing vital insight into Defence process and thinking.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Board: providing additional visibility to Defence and influence on the direction of ADIESA.
  • Membership dues: scaled by the amount each company benefits from Defence.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are presently being reviewed for FY22. The Board will release these shortly.

How to become an ADIESA Member

ADIESA is establishing a new member portal for FY22. Details will be released soon.

To view the Conditions of Membership, click the link to view the ADIESA Constitution.

Your feedback is always valued

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If you would like more information

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