Location: R1 Theatrette, Russell Offices CANBERRA
Start Time: Friday 9 March 2018, 0900
End Time: Friday 9 March 2018, 1700

As advised at the ADIESA AGM on 1 Feb 18, ADIESA and Defence have now signed the Terms of Reference for the Joint Command and Control Focus Group (JC2-FG), to be co-facilitated by COL Dan Hartigan from Defence and David Horton from Industry.

The objectives are:

  1. Shared understanding of the problem (minimum);
  2. Collaborate on possible solutions across the CLC – not just technology (ideal).

The scope is Joint Command and Control as part of the Joint C4I and JBMS Program, with other Joint C2 related projects invited as observers initially. The inaugural meeting will run for a full day, however subsequent may be anything from 2 hours to a day in length depending on work to get through and frequency of meetings. All information will be at the UNCLASSIFIED level. In preparation for this first meeting, attendees are requested to address the following three questions:

  1. How do you see Joint C2 evolving over the next 5-10 years?
  2. How can Defence support a rapidly changing (DevOps, CD/CI) heterogeneous C2 environment?
  3. What is Industry looking for with respect to this capability?

Please send your answers to these questions to co-chair of the JC2-FG, David Horton , no later than 0900 on Tuesday 6 March. Depending on the number of responses, we will ask you to be prepared to present this in 5-10 minutes at the meeting.

Draft agenda:

  • 0900 Intro brief: caveats, reiterate purpose and rules of engagement, confirm agenda and goals, location of exits and toilets etc.
  • 0915 Defence JC2 Directorate brief, followed by Q&A
  • 1030 Morning Tea
  • 1100 Industry led presentation on answers to questions above.
  • 1230 Lunch
  • 1330 Facilitated workshop to analyse feedback from Industry
  • 1430 Breakout workshops on specific projects and / or technology (number and issues will be advised closer to the date)
  • 1530 Afternoon Tea
  • 1545 Each team backbrief the FG on outcomes of their breakout
  • 1615 Consolidate outcomes from the day and agree next steps, including next meeting, issues to work on in preparation, etc.
  • 1645 Close

This event is ONLY open to Representatives of Financial ADIESA Member Organisations.
Enquiries to: margaret.kestenbaum@codarra.com.au
RSVP by 1st March, 2018

The venue will not require that you hold a Defence pass or clearance.
Paid parking is available in the Russell precinct, but will be quite full by 0900h.

COL Dan Hartigan and David Horton