SATCOM Focus Group Notification

6 September 2018

Dear ADIESA Members

As part of ADIESA’s ongoing mission to increase collaboration between the Department of Defence and Industry, I’m pleased to announce that the ADIESA Board, together with the Department of Defence, have established a new Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Focus Group.  The purpose of the Focus Group is to develop and promote an overall Industry engagement strategy with those elements of the Australian Defence Organisation developing, delivering and supporting SATCOM capability.  The Focus Group is sponsored by the Chair of the ADIESA Board and by Director General Joint C4 Capability in Joint Capability Group.

The first Focus Group meeting is tentatively scheduled for 17 October, 2018 in Canberra.  It is expected that the Australian Defence SATCOM System (ASDSS) Project Office will hold an Industry Brief in late September, with Defence confirming the Focus Group meeting date and agenda at that brief.

The ADIESA Points Of Contact for the SATCOM Focus Group are:
      Josh Polette:   M:  0417 904 552     E: and
      Alan Dyer:        M:  0410 342 771     E:

If you have any questions about the Focus Group, please feel free to contact Josh or Alan.
Click to download a copy of the SATCOM Focus Group Terms of Reference.
On behalf of the ADIESA Board, I look forward to your active participation in this new Focus Group.

Kindest Regards,
Sandy Taylor
Chair of ADIESA Board