SATCOM Focus Group Follow Up

28 October 2018

On behalf of ADIESA, I would like to thank you for participating in the first SATCOM Focus Group meeting.  I know some of you were unable to attend due to venue restrictions, but we appreciate your interest in this very important Defence capability.

While the workshop has not been formally minuted by ADIESA, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the key discussion points from the meeting – click button below for download.  Attached are some summary points.  It is not meant to be a blow-by-blow account, so my apologies if points you consider to be very important are not included in the notes.  However, please rest assured that the JP9102 project team were listening very carefully to what everyone was saying during the discussion.

We look forward to continuing the SATCOM discussion!



Additional Information from LTCOL Michael Hose

A small clarification is required stemming from the final question of 28th October.  It pertained to the extent of cost information we are seeking. I understand that you may have left with the thought that in order to reply to the RFI, you will need to be capable of costing ALL building blocks. This is incorrect. The RFI will accept a complete costing of ANY single building block, being own & operate, industry partnership or SATCOM as a service – commercial (ie not just a single segment). Of course, you may reply to more than one building block if you are able. Slides 10 to 12 in the attached presentation may provide further clarity, but please don’t hesitate to contact my team if you require more information.

Mick Hose.

SATCOM Key Discussion Points