Report by Mr Peter Maskell

2017 was a period of intense activity for both Defence and Industry. This led to a ‘semi-planned’ hiatus in the conduct of the Enterprise Architecture Focus Groups (EAFGs).

The EAFGs are planned to recommence in 2018. In preparation for this, we are planning to hold a re-launch breakfast in Canberra early in the new year to which all member organisations are invited to attend. The purpose of the breakfast will be to:

  • Present our proposed amended Terms of Reference (ToR) to guide our activities in 2018 (Terms of Reference);
  • Nominate and agree convenors for the EAFG;
  • Discuss the planned schedule of activities for 2018;
  • Gather ideas and priorities from ADIESA members; and
  • Reconnect and network with other ADIESA firms.

We will be seeking Defence attendance at this event (from CIOG, VCDFG and CASG), and are hoping to have a short presentation on their priorities for 2018 and beyond.

Our initial intent is to hold EAFGs on a quarterly basis and have them focused on specific challenges being faced by Defence where the use of EA thinking, services and or products / tools from Industry offer a tangible value proposition for Defence (in accordance with the ToR). The outputs of these sessions will be ADIESA-branded discussion briefs that will be provided to Defence and the ADIESA membership for their consideration and use. Where appropriate, these briefs may be accompanied by company specific material relevant to the topic being discussed.

Specific details for the breakfast will be disseminated shortly.