Following the success of the inaugural Cyber Defence Summit held last year, the ADIESA board is delighted to advise confirmation on a series of events in the lead up to the 2020 Summit. 

The success of the 2019 Summit was due to the highly engaged audience participation. Please be reminded that these are working group formats and there are NO specific projects discussed at these events. Defence has made clear their intent to have meaningful discussions in “an art of the possible” framework. In the words of our Sponsor HIW, MAJGEN Marcus Thompson, “we want the pointy heads not the pointy shoes in the room”. We strongly encourage members to allocate appropriate representatives with this in mind. 

Numbers will again be limited due to capacity of the venue. 

Defence speakers and panel members will be announced closer to each date. 

Each event will have a challenge to discuss and we will confirm these details as soon as possible to allow members to determine relevance to their company, and to help members prepare for the session. 

The format flow of each session will remain with an opening speech from HIW, short speaker sessions and then move to a panel discussion with Q&A from the floor. If members have specific questions that relate to the challenge they can send these prior to which may allow for our panel members to better prepare a detailed response. 

First Session: Wed 8 Apr, 0930-1130, R1 Theatrette (Ngunnawal Theatre)

Second Session: Tue 16 Jun,0930-1130, R1 Theatrette (Ngunnawal Theatre)

Third Session:  Mon 7 Sep, 0930-1130, R1 Theatrette (Ngunnawal Theatre)