Mr David Horton

Biography –

Mr David Horton is Country Manager for the multi-national Command and Control (C2) software company, Systematic. His background spans uniformed (Army Officer) and non-uniformed public service (Defence and Parliament House), and Defence Industry: applications (Microsoft), networking (Cisco), telecommunications (SingTel), business consulting and Systems Integration (HP, Fujitsu, and NEC).

Based in Canberra for 28 years working in the Defence and security domain, he also spent four years at Microsoft’s US headquarters as Program Manager Government Requirements, focusing on security across the company.

Elected to the Board of ADIESA in 2018, David previously served on Industry and Defence boards, including RPDE (2014) and ADIESA (2011-2015), co-chairing the Enterprise Architecture Focus Group (EA-FG) during 2012-2016, and now Joint C2 (JC2-FG) in 2018. He has contributed articles to technical journals and spoken at conferences around the world.

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