ADIESA facilitated Industry Opportunity for input to the (initial)
Joint Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) Planning Course
in Canberra on Wednesday,  07 November, 2018

The initial Joint Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) Planning Course runs 29 October – 09 November, 2018 at the ADF Tactical Data Link Authority building at 84-90 Maryborough Street, Fyshwick, ACT. The aim of the course is to provide the ADF with personnel who can plan and manage JEMSO and coordinate such activities with various agencies.

ADIESA members have been invited to provide input to the course on pm Wednesday, 07 November, 2018 followed by an opportunity for networking drinks with course attendees and other Commonwealth reps associated with the course.

To simplify the coordination and delivery of industry information to the course, and to minimise the risk of ‘hard selling’ to course participants (during ‘class-time’), the Commonwealth has requested that industry input is provided in the form of PowerPoint slides and/or video which will be facilitated by ADIESA Board member(s). The industry opportunity for networking drinks with course members will be through a social function (drinks and snacks) held immediately after this session of the course.

The learning objectives for this session of the course are as follows:

  1. Discuss Industry Capability to enable ADF JEMSO:
    1. Technologies that minimise EMS-dependent systems and network vulnerabilities, and actively prevent adversary systems from exploiting those vulnerabilities.
    2. Support operations in the EMOE and provide solutions for:
      1. Spectrum/Signature Management;
      2. Enhance Situational Understanding (SA + context, insight and analysis);
      3. Visualisation and Integration Tools and Technology;
      4. Non Kinetic Effects.

The classification level of this session of the course is up to SECRET. If required, material above UNCLAS may be sent on the DRN or DSN to the ADIESA POC Defence email address below.

Input to the course

On the downloadable PowerPoint file:

  1. slides 3-4 provide ‘context for industry’ and slides 5-6 ‘session learning objectives and scope’.
  2. please use the template at slide 7 (‘Content Slides’) to provide the information about your organisation’s product/service.
  3. Slide(s) and/or video content should not exceed the equivalent of 10 mins (if the total number of ADIESA member respondents exceed the total time available, The Board may need reduce each participants contribution, in consultation with the member).
  4. All information provided by members, shall be treated as ‘Industry Proprietary’ and must not exceed SECRET.

Click to download – 5.8 – ADEISA input to JEMSO PC PowerPoint

Networking opportunity:

  1. ADIESA members will have the opportunity to meet with course members immediately after the completion of this session.
  2. This informal networking event will be held at: Capital Brewing Co., Building 3, 1 Dairy Flat Rd, Fyshwick, ACT, 2609.
  3. Timing: 1800-1930.

Please provide input to the course session NLT COB Mon 02 Nov 18.
Please RSVP for the networking event by COB Mon 02 Nov 18.

ADIESA Board POC for input to the course, questions and RSVP is:

Mike Wagstaff (ADIESA Board Secretary) (for DRN and DSN)
Mobile: 0408 382 129